Desired conditions (finding employment)

Desired conditions for employment are as follows.

・Employment Type: Full Time

・Job species: IT (I may or may not)

Monthly income: over 280,000 yen、Annual salary: around 4 million yen

· Working area:
Yokohama area, Kawasaki, Tokyo 23 wards
(Preferably within 1 hour from home)
・・・・・・I wonder if it is overseas. ;-))********

As of 2018, I am 43 years old,
In Tokyo’s IT industry,
Compared with the same generation I think that my desired salary is low.
The reason is simple.
In spite of the age my skills is because low.

My idea:
Anyway I joined the company,
I want that gradually increase my income.

However, because I am sick,
I am trial and error as to what kind of pace distribution I should keep daily work.
I have only failed until now.

I am happy that working place is possible at home.
In my case, that is quite difficult.
There is a possibility if it is programming, infrastructure maintenance operation (especially in server and network fields) but I do not have that skill.

Given the future, I wonder if I better master the programming skills.
…………It will be good.

Although I am trial and error,
It is difficult to master programming by self taught.
I want to go to school, but I do not have any money.

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